April 1, 2003


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so i've been a tad behind on my postings. i have some excuses for you. well, i tried to post on sunday night, but the site was down. anyway, i guess i'll post now.

sports galore...
so my day of sports, while fun, wasn't as exciting as planned. the mets game was ugly. the mets lost 15-2...15-2!!! at least the sun was on me most of the game.

then i went to the nets rockets game and it wasn't as exciting as anticipated. yao was pretty good...even scoring the first 12 rockets points, but the game got ugly in the 2nd half. the final score - NJ 110, HOU 86. Like I said, ugly. Not quite 15-2 baseball ugly, but ugly. Oh and if you want to know, Yao led his team with 24 points in 31 minutes of play with 2 whole rebounds and 1 block. If you want the whole box score, click here. oh, and the crowd was very very asian...maybe half the people were asian. no joke.

matisse picasso...

sunday was matisse picasso and it was quite excellent. the juxtaposition of all the pieces was right on. my only issue with the exhibit was that it was really crowded, but i knew it was going to be like that going in. all of you should make the effort to go out and see it.

and in other news...
michigan hockey is back in the frozen four. that is now 3 years in a row that they have gone. they didnt win in the last two years, but maybe this year will be different? (if they lose, dont expect a post.)

okay, you may notice that it is a very pro michigan crowd...well, thats because they played the game at yost ice arena which happens to be michigan's home ice. gotta love ncaa site selection!

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