March 29, 2003

wet, wet, wet

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today i went up to hunter mountain for some spring skiing and a few final runs before hanging up the skis for the season. well, the weather was less than perfect. when i left the city at 8 am, it was beautiful out. as we drove towards hunter, the cloud cover increased and once we pulled off the highway, it started to drizzle. by the time we got to the ski area, it was raining pretty hard. in addition to the poor weather, the conditions on the mountain werent that great. it was very icy, but i didnt mind that. the conditions were quite variable. patch of ice, slush, bump, dirt, grass. although it was obviously less than ideal, i still had a great time and worked on some technique in the bumps. by the last few runs, i was pretty much soaked to the skin. my boots were filled with water. the feeling was similar to that when you go to the beach with sneakers on and are walking around.

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