March 10, 2003

45 degrees and sweaty

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so today was another warm day here in vail. i think its going to be warm the whole time i am here. at night it drops down to the 20s but while that causes icy trails in the northeast, for some reason, they arent icy here. i think its because i go on the groomed trails for the most part. they groom a select number of trails a day. not the whole mountain thought, because it is just absurdly big. it seems that the temperature here is actually warmer than it is in nyc. this warm temperature has caused me to sweat a fair amount. i mean, i usually sweat when skiing, but not quite as much as i have. hmm, it just occurred to me that this might be a tad disgusting for you guys to read. anyway, its good that i have my hydration pack. too bad i cant put other stuff in there. i managed to cram a sandwich in today, although it was quite compact after i removed it.

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