March 9, 2003

day 2

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day two, still warm but only a mere 43 at 3 in the afternoon. it was windy today though. i had the pitzips open for most of the day, but there were times where i had to close them up lest those pits get too cold. i skied with my mom's friends today and they ski at a much more rapid pace than both my parents. its pretty much take the lift, ski down without stopping at all, and repeat. we did this 20 times today which might not sound like a lot, but at more than 8,120 feet and and 5,289 skiable acres, believe me, its a lot
(no, vail isnt paying me, but i eat plenty of saltines with honey - if you havent tried this, i highly recommend this - so i figure we are even).

if you want some more facts about vail, click here.

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