July 4, 2003

july 4 - usa, age 227

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unfortunately (or fortunately), i will never reach the age of 227. i'm at the rents' c-house (c for country). it's not the most quaint country house, in fact, i'm not sure i would call it a country house. it's more of a house that is in pennsylvania. so far today, i have driven around in the family car (not exactly a minivan) and eaten lunch with watermelon after. mmm...watermelon... later there will be steak. nothing like watermelon and steak. gotta love being fed by parents.

out for a drive in this hunk of junk

for more on the history of july 4th, check out the library of congress site here.

also today is the annual nathan's famous fourth of july international hot dog eating contest. the defending champ won for the third time in a row, eating a mere 44 1/2 hot dogs and buns. that is well off his record of 50 1/2. it should be noted that he is only 5'7" and 145 pounds. he beat men and women, some weighing more than 3 times his weight. he finished his first hot dog in 5 seconds and finished 13 in the first 2 minutes.

for more on his feat, read this.

the tsunami

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